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May 25th, 2005 - Mike Vestal interviewed for Gourmet Magazine concerning deeplabs relationship with Moto Restaurant. Slated to come out in an October issue.

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May 19th, 2005 - David Mazovick from deepLABS is interviewed by Bob Hughes in regard to deepLABS collaboration with Omar Cantu in Engineering and designing a line of futurist cooking utensils utilizing technology in new ways.

May 20 2005 deepLABS sends over first shippment of liquid Nitrogen to Moto Resturant.

April 20th, 2005 - David Mazovick from DeepLABS is interviewed P.J. Huffstutter of the L.A. Times, where he discussed the collaboration between deepLABS and Chef Homaru Cantu and the resulting technology based futurist approach to contemporary cuisine.

February 15th 2005 - Learning Channel contacts DeepLABS, Tuesday February 15th about using some of the recent products for an Extreme Science Fair in the Mohave Desert.
























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