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December 15 2004 - DeepLABS client, Homaro Cantu, head chef at Moto Restaurant, is featured in Chicago Magazine. The article titled "Techno Chefs" discusses the versatility of Deep Labs and the services they have provided for Moto. The article also highlights technology and science as the driving force behind our relationship.

November 20 2004 - DeepLABS client Home Depot released a series of tool bags through Ridgid Ryobi and Husky this week.

October 10 2004 - deepLABS client Home Depot released a ratchet wrench to Chinese manufactures for Husky Brand tools.

September 10 2004 - deepLABS client Home Depot released a twenty one in one painters tool to chinese tooling.

July 6 2004 - deepLABS signs retainer with Home Depot buyers to develop products.

February 20 2004 deepLABS develops signs deal to develop medical products that will sell in the Pan Asian market.

February 14 2004 deepLABS starts work on a series of communication devices for Alzheimer Patients. Product can be used for elderly as well. Monitoring system developed for a Canadian Insurance Agency.

February 10 deepLABS starts work onTHEFOODLOOP product using NASA grade silicone. Product is modeled all in Pro/ENGINEER. The product is designed to wrap around food so the twindle of food can boil or fry bound by this new product.

January 2004 deepLABS developers die cast cars for Corgie Classics out of chicago. All toys are developed with Alias Studio and Pro/ENGINEER.



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